Very private dining area located directly at pool in Strutz Art Garden Resort.


We are mainly a Bed&Breakfast resort. 

We do not have a regular restaurant, but we do everything to please our guests.

We can cook dinner for our guests, if we get time to prepare. So it works by reservation only. 

Guests are also welcome to bring food purchased outside into the resort.

Enjoy the coziness of our poolside nipa hut.

Depending on season and availability, we offer selections of Filipino and international dishes to our resort guests.

Ginataang Seafood
Dalandan - Jelly with tapioka balls desert
Pansit Kanton Bihon
Fresh organic banana from our backyard
Organic dragon fruit from our farm
Ginataang Isda - Fish cooked in coconut milk
Nilagang Baka
Lumpia - Spring Rolls
Chicken Curry
Afritadang Baboy
Party Food
Fried River Shrimp
Fried Riverfish
Sinanglao -Ilokano dish with beef and green pepper
Tomato ongion salad
Smoked Fish
Fried eggplants with soy sauce and fresh kalamansi
P0chero - Beef cooked with banana and green vegetables