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Explore Bangued and Abra

Abra is in the process of being discovered for tourism as testified by the TV programs like Biyahe ni Drew.  Abra  is surrounded by mountains. There is beautiful scenery in so many places: rivers, mountain peaks, old churches, remaining buildings from the Spanish, beautiful old trees, fresh water springs, rice paddies. 

First settlers belonged to the Tingguian tribe. Now, Abra's inhabitants are mostly Ilocano and Tingguians. Bamboo and rattan craft making is a traditional industry in the region. The uplands produce native coffee and famous woods like narra, mahogany and molave.

Bangued is the capital of the province of Abra in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) of the Philippines. It is simple to spend a wonderful day in Bangued: you might like to climb or drive up Casamata Hills and enjoy the view over the whole Calaba river valley. Go and visit the Cathedral of Bangued.  Take a picture in front of the giant "I love Bangued" letters on the town plaza. Stroll and shop in the public market. Go to the Calaba river. Go to the Strutz Art Café and treat yourself with a cappuccino and freshly baked apple cake or a popular Cookies & Cream Frappes. And then you can discover local delicacies such as the original Ilocano pinakbet, dinengdeng ...

There are plenty of attractions for the more a thrill looking visitor as described here and more on cultural attractions can be found here.

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