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Swimming Pool, Spa And Koi Pond

Swimming Pool, Spa and Koi Pond

Enjoy quiet time in or around the swimming pool. The pool is a free shaped pool, style "mountain lake". Whether enjoying the cool shade under the nipa hut at the pool, swimming, playing or sunbathing, the pool adds joy during your stay. It is exclusively accessible only for our checked-in guests with one exception: family members or friends of checked in guests may enter the resort as day guests (registration necessary and fee applies). Proper swim wear is required.

Banana Shower Pool Shower.jpg

We call the pool shower "banana shower". Since the shower is surrounded by banana plants, it is possible to literally take a shower under and in the width of the large banana leaves and occasionally, a banana bunch. 

The spa is large enough to share with family or friends. A blower can turn it into a whirl pool providing wonderful massage and relaxation.

Standard Pool Rules apply for the usage of the pool and the spa for all users.

A koi pond completes our "water complex". Just next to the pool walkways, colorful koi will cheer the visitor or invite to zen type meditation.

The pool, spa and koi pond are part of the back side gardens on the east side of the hotel grounds.. During clear nights it is a wonderful experience to look at the sky and do star gazing...

Koi Pond in Strutz Art Garden Resort
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