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Typical Scenery in Vigan downtown


Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well known for its cobblestone streets and buildings that fuse Spanish and oriental design. Vigan is the capital of Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. In May 2015, Vigan City was officially recognized as one of the New7Wonders Cities. As one might wonder what this means, most people will agree that Vigan is a charming city in Ilocos that must be on every visitor's program.

Vigan can easily be reached from the Strutz Art Garden Resort: it is 62km or about 90minutes drive away. One day seems short for the tourist attractions, walking through the scenic cobblestone streets, shopping for original handcrafted souvenirs or relaxing on one of the many restaurants or cafés of the city. Taking a small tour in one of the horse drawn calesas is definitely a worthwhile thrill.

In particularly one can recommend to visit the St. Paul's Cathedral, walk through the cobblestone street Calle Crisologo, study the local history in the Padre Burgos House National Museum, admire the large jars in one of the large potteries, have lunch in the gardening shop Hidden Garden, visit the St Augustine Church and Bantay Bell Tower and any of the old mansions such as the Villa Angela that preserved their original historic interior.

During Holy Week  (“Semana Santa”), the week between Palm Sunday and Easter many devotees and tourists are joining the procession, when life-size statues mounted on floats depicting the Life and Passion of Christ are drawn through the streets.

Vigan have maintained a centuries old weaving industry: the cloth is called abel. The abel cloth is a strong and colorful material often incorporating golden and silver threads. One can purchase beautiful towels, table runners, blankets and bed sheets etc.

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