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Wide garden spaces in Strutz Art Garden Resort allow guests to relax or to plan any wedding after their taste.


The Resort has wide garden spaces. They invite our guests to relax and to enjoy. Actually we have several areas in our garden: wide open grass spaces that invite to play ball or badminton, the area around the pool and koi pond with many palm trees, many different trees and plants along the wall, our "jungle garden" with exotic, shade loving plants (not only do these plants look cool, it is relatively cool in the shade), and last not least an organic vegetable garden.


We love our garden. Everybody in the family loves planting. And we believe in organic gardening. We do not use pesticides nor herbicides. We compost, we have vermiculture (African nightcrawlers breaking down organic wastes into a very valuable compost to be used as organic fertilizer), and we have chicken that produce eggs and ingredients for organic fertilizer. 

Golden cocos palm and plants around pool.
View into garden on the east side with red hibiscus flowers
Jungle Garden
Jungle Garden with hanging plants

Jungle Garden

This is not a recreated rain forest. But this area in our garden is a place for many of our delicate plants that grow in shade. Shade is provided by woven shading mats and yellow bamboo. It is cooler here during the day. We created a small path to walk through the plants, many of them are potted. But first you have to walk through a gate of flor de luna. Then you will discover bird nests, bird of paradise and hanging plants and many others.

Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic Vegetable Garden

We are growing vegetables in our organic garaden on the resort's premises. They are not only nice to look at, but provide super fresh ingredients for meals (depending on the season). Vegetables like pechay (Chinese Cabbage), tomatoes, eggplants, hot peppers, okra, lemon grass...We do composting and have a vermiculture going to produce worm droppings as organic fertilizer. 

Our Flowers


In the Strutz Art Garden Resort we love flowers and plants. We are constantly looking for new plants. We just love it. Come and discover with us the beautiful colors and extravagant forms of so many exotic flowers in our little paradise.

Our Pets


We like our animal friends: we have dogs, chicken, koi, goldfish, and 2 beautiful water buffalos (mother and daughter) on our farm. Every day some lovely stray cats pay us their regular visits, and often you can hear birds happily singing or chirping in the trees.

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