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Abra River or Calaba River seen during sun set. It is a popular destination for a walk and only minutes away (on foot) from Strutz Art Garden Resort.

Discover the Calaba River

Calaba River is the local name for the Abra River. It is the largest river in Luzon and within easy walking distance from the Strutz Art Garden Resort. In summer bamboo cottages are set up along the riverside, also called "Calaba River Beach". It is very popular in summer. Have something to drink and to eat while you have the feet in cooling water. There are spectacular views on the far away mountains of Abra. Also in the early morning it is the gathering place for people of all ages for work-out, jogging, walking or purely taking in the beautiful morning sun rises. During rainy season and typhoons the river swells to become a large body of water that spans from river bank to river bank and is fascinating to watch as the power of nature seems overwhelming. The 900 meter long Calaba Bridge connects Bangued with neighboring municipalities.

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