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Organic farm in Abra.

Our Organic Farm

The Strutz Art Garden Resort is offering lunch excursions to our organic farm. Reservation is necessary as it depends on weather and availability of transportation. Our Farm is located in the hills of Tayum and mostly is mostly comprised of forest, but also plantations of various fruits and fruit trees. 

Have lunch in our nipa hut on our farm and enjoy nature. It is quiet at our farm, away from the bustling noises of the town. Have a guided walk on the farm and watch our organic coffee, our dragon fruit plantation, bananas ripening, or take a walk through the forest that include many  varieties of trees such as narra, mahogany, mohave, gmelina, ipil-ipil, acacias, anteng tree, balete tree, blackberry tree, banabá tree, karkariskis, oplas tree, or fruit trees like mango, jack fruit, guava, guyabano, anonas, avocado, star apple, coconut, tamarind tree... You might like to harvest a pineapple, bananas, guava, papaya or a dragon fruit. During the rainy season, you might like to help us to plant more trees. 

Depending on the season, we can show you real wild orchids growing in the trees (nobody planted them there) or be adventurous and take a ride on a water buffalo.

Dragon Fruit
Native Mango with Water Buffalo
Balete Tree
Hawaiian Pineapple
Nipa Hut on Farm: Location for Lunch
Arabica Coffee Beans Ripening
Wild Orchids In Blackberry Tree
Water Buffalo Taking A Bath
View on Calaba River
Join In And Ride A Water Buffalo
Dragon Fruit Plantation
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