Parking inside of Strutz Art Garden Resort with reception in background


Koi pond and view deck
View Deck

Enjoy a fresh breeze on the 2nd floor of the view deck and take in the sites of the resort. This is also an excellent place to get a massage (by reservation only).


A roofed terrace with sitting capacity for over 50 persons is currently under construction. The terrace comes with bathrooms and resort kitchen facility. In front of the terrace will be an event floor for dancing, live band etc.

Parking inside of Strutz Art Garden Reso

On site parking is available. Parking is just next to the reception inside the high walls of the resort. Our guests are not afraid in bringing in valuable cars or motor bikes.  

Nipa hut at pool
Nipa Hut

Our original nipa hut is located within 2 meters close to the pool. Have a pool side dinner here with food we cook or food you bring in.  

Mushroom nipa hut
Mushroom Nipa Hut

Our second nipa hut has the shape of a mushroom and is available to guests.


The large swing is still under construction. It will be fun for kids as for adults alike.


We call it the "bar", but actually it is not functioning as bar. You are welcome to have your drink here and enjoy the sights. It is also a favorite picture taking spot.