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West Side of Strutz Art Garden Resort with koi pond, garden and guest rooms. Wide spaces are available for relaxation or events like weddings.

About Our Hotel

About Us

Strutz Art Garden Resort is a small boutique hotel with 8 rooms. Enjoy your private get-away in our lush tropical garden, around the pool or on your terrace. The hotel is truly an oasis in the hustle and bustle of Bangued (Abra, CAR), yet it is only minutes away from the central town plaza. The owners having traveled extensively show the same hospitality and closeness to their guests as they have experienced themselves in so many places in the world. The owner's family and the hotel staff will ensure that you have a truly relaxing time.

The "Art" in our resort name refers to original art works by the professional German painter Theo Strutz that are displayed throughout the resort.

We are accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT)/CAR.

Staff and owners' family August 2023

Meet our staff and the owner's family

The owner's family and the resort staff will ensure that you have a truly relaxing time. You might even feel at home, part of the family. This is the charm of a small boutique hotel with few rooms.

Our Story

The Strutz Art Garden Resort was founded by Thomas and Aurora Strutz. It is a registered company that opened for business in late 2017 starting with 3 rooms. It is entirely designed and managed by Thomas and Aurora Strutz. Locally operations are co-managed by the Oca family headed by Lilia, Aurora's sister. Ever since, we have provided guests from many different countries with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We have also hosted wedding receptions. We have been DOT accredited since 2019.


Our guests enjoy the privacy and security provided by our walls and the closed gate policy. The gate remains closed during the day. Only when guests are coming or going, we open the gate.


The resort adheres to a non-smoking policy, but we provide a dedicated smoking area at the gate.


Distance to the center of Bangued

The hotel is only a few minutes car ride away from the city center. If you need a tricycle ride to town, we might be able to provide a ride (about 100 pesos/ride) or you may just flag down a passing tricycle. There are always tricycles at the provincial hospital, 300 meters down the hill.

Logo Strutz Art Garden Resort.png

The logo

The logo shows a stylized hibiscus flower, beach chairs and paint brushes to refer to “garden”, “resort”, and “art”.

Wheelchair accessible

All our rooms and the restaurant are accessible by wheelchair. Stairs are bypassed by ramps at several locations. We have elderly family members who use a wheelchair and had guests who needed wheelchair access. Let us know in case you have special needs.

Rooms and restaurant are accessible by wheelchair

Our passion for gardening

We love gardening and gardening design and appreciate if our guests can relax here. We also like our animal friends. We have dogs, koi, chicken, goldfish, some beautiful stray cats that pay us regular visits, and throughout the day you can hear birds happily singing or chirping in the trees. Children love our place.

Discover and enjoy the different places in the resort

The resort provides many different places and hide-outs. The all time favorite is the nipa hut at the pool. Discover the jungle garden, enjoy the sights from the view deck (or a massage), enjoy the lively koi or sit at our "bar" (not operational as a bar, but a wonderful sitting area).


Learn more about our resort by browsing through the homepage or by watching  our video right here.

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