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Hotel Has Begun to Accommodate Guests in our Newly Opened Guest Building West

Strutz Art Garden Resort began recently to accommodate guests in our newly opened Guest Building West. There are 3 rooms available, a Superior King Room, a Superior Twin Room and a Group Room. The Superior King and Twin Rooms are very spacious. Like all the other rooms in the hotel, they feature a painting by the German artist Theo Strutz, furniture handmade in Abra, and a 4k smart TV with magic remote control. The view over the property is wonderful. We just finished the large water feature in front of the terrace. During restaurant hours two small waterfalls will give a refreshing, but quiet sound of flowing water. The terrace opens to the east so that guests can enjoy the afternoon on the shaded terrace.

The group room can be booked on our homepage for large groups that prefer to stay together in one room. It also serves as seminar room for professional meetings. Please contact the hotel if you are interested.

Max's Restaurant located 300m from Strutz Art Garden Resort
The Guest Building West with Superior King and Twin Rooms and Group Room

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