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Abel Loom Weaving, La Paz. Discover beautifully fabrics hand woven in the tradional style only a short drive away from Strutz Art Garden Resort.

Cultural Attractions of Abra

Abra is not only a province with exceptionally natural beauty, but offers important cultural attractions as well. Particularly noteworthy to the visitor are the old churches St. James the Elder Cathedral in Bangued, the Santa Catalina de Alejandria Parish Church in Tayum (or "Tayum Church") and the San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine in Bangued. The Tayum Church was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines in 2001. Abel loom weaving, the traditional art of weaving in Abra, is practiced in workshops in the municipality of La Paz. Visitors are welcome to visit the workshops and shops. The Gabriela Silang Gallery of Fine Arts in Tayum has a large collection of European, Oriental and Asian art comprising of paintings, ceramics, and many other objects. The viewing of the gallery is by appointment only.


Abra's inhabitants are mostly Ilocano and Tinguians. Occasionally there are exhibitions of objects testifying to the rich cultural and ethnic background of the different ethnic groups and tribes. Dance performances showcasing tribal dancing can be seen especially during the yearly town fiestas and the Abra Festival.

Bangued Cathedral

St. James the Elder Cathedral, Bangued

Tayum Church

Santa Catalina de Alejandria Parish Church, Tayum

Gabriela Silang Gallery of Fine Arts, Ta

Gabriela Silang Gallery of Fine Arts, Tayum

San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine

San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine, Bangued

Abel Loom Weaving Products, La Paz

Colorful Abel Loom Weaving Products, La Paz

High School Tribal Dance Competition in

Tinguian Dance Performance, Danglas

Tinguian gongs, flutes and other objects

Musical instruments (gongs, flutes...), woven blankets, instruments bear witness to the rich cultural backgrounds of the different ethnic groups and tribes. 

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