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Abra Valley. Beautiful scenery of rice fields and mountains and Abra River seen on the way from the coast to Bangued.

Natural Wonders of Abra

There are some real treasures of nature in Abra that recently also become more and more discovered and accessible for tourism. One of the most spectacular ones are the Kaparkan Falls for which visitors arrive from far during the rainy season. Most of these places need travel planning. 

Some of these places allow fun activities like hiking, mountain and rock climbing, mountain biking, bamboo rafting, swimming, and even cliff jumping. The photos displayed below are provided courtesy of


Kaparkan Falls, Tineg, Abra


Sapilang Twin Falls, Sagap, Abra


Basakal Falls, Daguioman, Abra


Piwek Rock Formations, Alaoa, Tineg, Abra


Apao Rolling Hills, Tineg, Abra


Kili Falls and Hot Spring, Tubo, Abra

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