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  • Thomas Strutz

Apao Rolling Hills (Tineg, Abra)

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic our heart goes out to all people suffering with the wish that it ends soon and life will return to normal. Until then, our hotel needs to be closed. However, even in dark times like this, we need hope and make plans for the future.

If you plan a trip to Abra, allocate some time to visit some of the scenic spots that are just being "discovered" for tourism. One of these are the Rolling Hills in the municipality of Tineg about 50km from Bangued. Recently we went there to watch the sunset. We discovered a wide landscape of as the name suggest "rolling hills" covered with brown grass (it was dry season) dotted with a few trees. The air is super fresh, the world seems to be wide and far and tourists are still few, a truly majestic place in Abra! Add the magic light of the sunset and it is easy to take home wonderful memories and pictures.

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